Small charities, big skills gaps

Research by the FSI, published by Clear Lessons Foundation (formerly GivebackUK), reveals the most urgent skills gaps of charities, with a clear need for free learning videos to support them.

Charities are faced with a ‘perfect storm’ when it comes to skills: efficiency and effectiveness are at a premium, with increased demand for services, yet the time and budget for developing staff is constantly shrinking.

This challenge is not new, but according to Martin Baker, the founder of Clear Lessons Foundation, it requires new ways of thinking, working and collaborating to help solve it.

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Clear Lessons Foundation aims to provide the sector with free, easy access to great quality, online video learning exactly when and where it’s needed. With support from Ufi Trust, Clear Lessons Foundation has created a Charity Series of videos specifically to support vocational skills.

According to Martin, Chief Executive of Clear Lessons Foundation: “Video seemed the perfect medium to collaborate to share knowledge and expertise with a mass audience that has limited time – it’s popular and it’s also effective, video helps learning ‘stick’.”

Martin Baker explains why the concept of ‘by the sector, for the sector’, is such a powerful solution to help meet these skills needs:

“I love the expression ‘why reinvent the wheel’ and it’s just so true – whatever individual skills challenges you and your charity are facing, there is bound to be someone else out there that has experienced the same. If they have already come up with a solution, that is what the Charity Series of videos seeks to harness, sharing charity specific knowledge and wisdom to solve problems.”

Laura Overton, the chief executive of Towards Maturity, a not for profit organisation specialising in benchmark research in learning and development, supports Martin Baker’s call for collaboration to help solve the skills challenges faced by the sector. In a foreword to the report she says:

The Clear Lessons Foundation video initiative is an excellent example of collaboration in action as experts freely share their ideas via videos, that can then be embedded in new ways of learning in the charity sector. Learning innovation is not hampered by a lack of resources, it’s driven by those willing to collaborate and harness resources that are available to drive change. Take advantage of the opportunity.
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Notes for editors:

Martin Baker is the founder and Chief Executive of Clear Lessons Foundation (formerly GivebackUK) and the Charity Learning Consortium. He’s a well known advocate of the power of collaboration and is recognised as being one of the top ten ‘movers and shakers’ in eLearning in the UK.

About Clear Lessons Foundation

We’ve created a free – yes absolutely free!– video learning library for the third sector. It’s as simple as that. Anyone working in the sector in the UK is welcome to register at and access loads of lovely video resources to support them in their work. That’s an audience of more than 13 million staff and volunteers.

We’re a work in progress – a young, not for profit organisation supported by Ufi Trust, FSI, Towards Maturity and the Charity Learning Consortium. We really welcome feedback as well as ideas for topics to cover next. We’re always looking for volunteers to share their work based wisdom in short video interviews. We’re particularly keen to interview those with expertise in charity specific skills like fundraising and volunteer management, along with transferable skills like leadership and marketing.

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