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Fundraising tips for #UKCharityWeek

Rosie Haighton shares fundraising hints from the Clear Lessons Foundation’s FREE video learning library. Register with the Foundation to find more great ideas to supercharge your marketing and fundraising for your #UKCharityWeek campaign.

Are you looking to inspire your fundraising and marketing for #UKCharityWeek? We can help with that! Our FREE Clear Lessons Foundation video learning library has lots of content to support UK charities. And to make things super easy we’ve created a video playlist especially for #UKCharityWeek to help you.

Register at clearlessonsfoundation.tv & have a look at the playlists. Or once you’ve logged in you can instantly access the playlist we’ve created for #UKCharityWeek using clc.link/fundraising

Clear Lessons Foundation is absolutely free for all staff and volunteers working in the third sector – whether for a registered charity, housing association, not for profit, or other voluntary organisation. There are more than 1,200 videos to inspire the amazing work that you do. A wide range of topics are covered, including fundraising, marketing. communication and leadership.

The videos share expertise from charities like Addaction, Barnardos and Breast Cancer Care and from third sector organisations like the FSI, GlobalGiving UK and the Good Things Foundation. All the videos are just a few minutes long.

Here are some top tips for community fundraising from Deborah Adams, Community Fundraising Manager, Breast Cancer Care as shared with the Clear Lessons Foundation. Please register and watch our playlist for #UKCharityWeek to find more tips and hints to help you plan an amazing week.

What are you raising money for?

Make sure that your fundraising strategy is in line with the objectives of the organisation – it’s really important that you know what you’re raising money for. Community fundraising is built on networks, it’s built on relationships that you have within the community. But you can’t talk to people about a charity unless you’re absolutely clear about what it is that charity does, what their mission is, and their values – and these should be very clear to the public.

Tailor your event to your audience

Match the event with the expectations of the people that are going to be involved in it. It’s no good just doing an event because you think it’s a good idea, because the people that are linked with your charity may not like it. So, if you’re going to do a football tournament and actually they’re more interested in antiques, it’s not going work! Do a bit of research about the kind of thing that your target audience would want.

What resources do you need?

Make sure that you’ve got the resources and budget to make the event happen. Have you got the people, the sponsorship, the networks in place to sell your tickets or to invite people to come along?

What’s the competition?

What else is happening in your area? Make sure that that somebody else isn’t doing the same thing down the road the week before or the week after.

About the author

Rosie Haighton is the Head of Client Engagement at the Clear Lessons Foundation.

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